A short-lived format experimated by Kevin Inc./Kevin Studio Tech and was released in 1999 and got discontinued in the year 2001.

The Format is made out of magnetic tape and the shell is plastic. It's a magnetic paper in a bulky box that was recorded with a laser and played back with a laser. erasing is easy by getting a bottle of toxins to get the grooves out.

The original Camcorder was released in 2000 while the VCR for it was released in 1999.

The Project got cancelled in 2001 due to no interests and it's rare.

Only 600 tapes were brought, 82 Camcorders and 78 VCRs. They were sold up in an action. 51 VCRs were sold, 567 tapes were sold and 69 camcorders were sold. Others were still by their original owners. 1 camcorder was sold on ebay for £593.03 via bid. 8 tapes were sold on ebay for £74.99 via bid. 2 VCRs were sold via Amazon at a cost of £999.99.

The laserbetaVHS8dv-c craze then started in 2009 after the auctions. Everyone wanted one but then the craze started fade in 2014 after the tapes started to degrade when touched with the toxins. It was dead in 2017 and forms about it were closed and everyone forgot about it.